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DIVYDE Capital Partners is a composition of investment frameworks — architected by experienced research and analytics craftsmen who have mastered both the art and science of investment selection and management. Drawing from this collective experience, the process of isolating data and information and treating ideas with their own reference showed us how to think instead of what to think. Therefore, we have constructed a research process that enables us to identify better early investment opportunities in high quality, and often distressed, undervalued companies based on evolving macro and micro trends, technology, and other innovations. Additionally, our process emphasizes evaluating management teams capable of increasing their intrinsic value earlier in their growth cycles.

​Varyk Kutnick is the General Partner and Portfolio Manager of DIVYDE Capital Partners, a value-driven, long-biased U.S. Equities Hedge Fund. Prior to founding the Partnership, he served as Vice President and Portfolio Manager of a family office and for a group of UHNW (Ultra High Net Worth) individuals (via Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Investment Management and Alex Brown Private Wealth). In this capacity, Mr. Kutnick made investments as a principal and advised on investments and other transactions with an aggregate value of more than $310 million. 

Before launching his finance career, Mr. Kutnick was a renowned skier for six years. He earned a B.S. in Business Management, with a minor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, from The Leeds School of Business at The University of Colorado Boulder.

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