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“Talent is hitting a target no one else can hit. Genius is hitting a target no one else can see.” Arthur Schopenhauer

DIVYDE’s investment objective is to generate long-term returns through a concentrated, next-generation, value-oriented long-biased strategy. This approach relies upon and emphasizes both qualitative (the art) and quantitative (the science) disciplines and analyses. Additionally, we will occasionally incorporate opportunistic investments to generate incremental investment returns beyond those of the long-biased portfolio.

This investment process is grounded in identifying directional arrows of progress. As combinations of factors become more explicit, compositional studies of greater themes begin to emerge. As these themes gain early market recognition, they can be analyzed based on direct observation, intensive research, and the belief that this abstraction creates an environment where value and integrity can emerge through the public chaff.

Over time, we believe the long-biased and opportunistic strategy will spawn cycles of simultaneous investment and above-market returns by balancing patience with confidence and conviction. DIVYDE will strive to combine the optimal characteristics of value investing (discounted pricing for best-of-breed assets), and traditional hedge funds (nimble, liquid, hedged) with the inherent advantages of a patient, concentrated long-term private equity capital. 


Our investment process revolves around evaluating managers early in their life cycles. Genuine investment talent is scarce, and high quality, high integrity people, are the key drivers to long-term success.

Our investment process is grounded in the belief that genuine investment talent is scarce, and high quality, high integrity people are the key drivers to long-term success.


We employ a process-oriented approach comprising qualitative (the art) due diligence, quantitative (the science) analysis, and operational due diligence.


We implement a strict price

discipline and aim to generate

alpha from a concentrated portfolio

of individual stocks. We balance patience with conviction.


Our efforts are focused on finding companies capable of increasing their intrinsic values through their own efforts.

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